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  1. Ggggeeeerrrrr reate blog…. love the puns. Hanna and i are emailing you from just up the hill in nikola where we met MORE Peeps off.the. train! All the best and see you soon!

    • Dave – OK, we’re having dinner with you and Hannah up here tonight at 7:00. We’re hiking to Bolshie Koty today, but we’ll be back and see you then!

  2. Lily would like you to visit the pyramids of Egypt, soon, and post pictures of that. Please and thank you.

    • Funny, Egypt is a little off the itinerary at this point; we want to wait until a non-threatening government has been in place for a couple of weeks or so first. Let her know, though, that we appreciate her desire to put her interests in front of our safety!

      P.S. Mark was there in the 1980s and has olde pictures, so at some point if we can’t make the trip for real we’ll pretend that we did and post those. They probably haven’t really changed much in the last quarter century…

  3. Hi, Jim & Mark. I bumped into our former colleague Michael Mazeroff & he told me about your exciting adventure. What a grand idea, and what courage to put it into action. I will live vicariously through your posts. I only wish I could eat & drink vicariously as well.

    You didn’t by any chance meet anybody with the name “Kempski” in Poland, did you?

    • Ann –

      Great to hear from you!! My first question was “How did Michael Mazeroff know what we were up to?” But yeah, we’re off for the long haul. I’ll email so we can stay in touch.

  4. Oh my gosh. You two are amazing. Biking with you and hanging with you was a real highlight for my Mark and me. I will subscribe below so I can keep up with you Travelaholics on a binge.

  5. Thanks Rosie – we enjoyed traveling with you and Mark so much! Hopefully we’ll see you again on another Zephyr tour or in Foster City…

  6. Salut mes nouveaux amis! Just sent (Mark I think) an email. Great running into you guys in Mad and at le piton de la fournaise! What a coincidence! Nice photo of the 2 of us. Apologies! I seem to excel at blinking. I should just keep the sun glasses on. Hope we get to run into you guys again somewhere. Hope you enjoyed the Seychelles. Hope you enjoyed Vallée de Mai, which was my favorite thing there.

    A+ (a plus tard)


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