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  1. Awesome:
    August 2013 — Eastern Europe, most likely including Poland and the Balkan states

    Guys, Albania got to be in :). And August is my month offfff. YEAY

  2. Bill and I will be in Athens, Greece on 6 October 2013. We will be in Venice on 8 October. We will be in Istanbul, Turkey on 4 October. Would love to run into the two of you should any of these dates work.

    • Wow — you are really bumping up close! We have an already paid for bike trip in Southern Italy that ends around Oct 5. Does your trip end in Venice? Any chance of extending a couple days? Would be great to see you.

  3. Airline tickets ✈✈✈✈ have already been paid for and issued. We fly home the morning of October 9th. Wish we could have met up with you!

    • We think there is a pretty good chance we’ll get into Croatia sometime in August. Seems there is a ton to see and do there!

  4. Jennifer – Why do you ask? Do you have recommendations for us? Please feel free to tell us about the perfect beach town…

  5. I just LOVED all the Switzerland photos and comments. I can’t wait to show my mom when she gets back from her trip. I have hopes of going to Switzerland next summer and maybe do some of what you did. Lots of our trip will be family and cultural swiss stuff. It is an amazingly beautiful and yes, expensive country! So, glad you posted so many photos!

    • Thanks Anita – we were thinking of you a lot while we were there, almost feeling guilty that we were there and you weren’t. As for all the pictures, the only challenge was culling them all when it’s such a beautiful place.

      See you in a couple of weeks!


  6. Hi guys,
    Sorry to hear about Jim’s experience but happy that is all good and back to the states. My sister says that hospital staff was lazy to get you signed in and do oversees billing etc etc. As it has happened to her too. Why bother collect money, – Public hospitals :-).

    • Rezart –

      Things are going better. The Emergency Room peeps helped a lot the second day, and then just yesterday I went to an acupuncturist in Duluth and that helped even more. I’m still stiff and a little sore, but nothing like what it was in France or even just a couple of days ago. As for billing, just two days ago I learned they’d sent a big package to my old Cambridge address. It probably includes the X-rays, but it may include billing, too. I’ll be in Cambridge next week so I’ll know soon enough.

      Meanwhile, how are you doing? When I click on your name here it takes me to some Tirana technology center. Have you changed jobs?

  7. Great to meet you both in Jianshui & again now in Yuanyang, no doubt will see you also in Dali, Lijang & Shangri-La. Enjoyed your blog & photos of Jianshui. Will continue to follow you around the world as you continue your adventures.

  8. We have just caught up with your travels, wow you have been busy and nice to see that food and win are still just as important. Love the photos. Pleased you weren’t in Kos last week, with the earth quake.

    • Your heart goes out to the poor people of Kos. We were there two years ago and the town was flooded with refugees coming across from Turkey. The people of the town did what they could to help them as they fled into Europe but apparently it wrecked havoc on the tourist industry. Now this. Very sad indeed.

      Nice to hear from you, though!!

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