4 comments on “Baku

  1. Wow amazing and so detailed – thank you – I feel like I visited it myself and… have now included in my to do list.

    I loved the photo of Russian Standard with pickles… 🙂

  2. 🙂

    So sorry to hear about Mark’s sickness… 31 years together sounds amazing, unbelievably amazing!!! I hope you guys have a great celebration at another place!!! It’s not all about the actual date but the number of years does matter…

    Have fun and stay healthy!!!

    Greetings from Albania! 🙂

    • We love Albania – we have a former employee/good friend who lives in Tirana.

      Meanwhile we’re just today planning a trip to Italy with my brother and his wife for next April … and thinking of spending a week in London before heading to Venice. You’ll be there in mid-April?

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