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  1. Wonderful travelogue! I have such great memories of China and Beijing. You two did it the way I wanted to but couldn’t really, because I was with a group adopting. So we had the obligatory Jade factory tour (ugh!!!). I loved hearing about the food! The crispy spinach sounds awesome. I had a spicy eggplant in China that was wonderful and can’t seem to replicate.

    Did I tell you this story? While there I met and hung out quite a bit with the doctor in the group, Dr. Dan K. Dan and I would sneak out and off the beaten path, going to tea houses, markets and restaurants where there were no foreigners. It was fascinating, fun and great to get away from all the babies once in awhile. Unfortunately, I kept emailing home about Dan and our adventures to Gavin, who began to be quite jealous. I suppose I should have told him he was gay but the thought never crossed my mind. I had a lot of explaining to do when I returned! 🙂 (Fun sidenote, Dan and his husband Scott just adopted their own little cherub last month! He’s in pediatrics and Scott works as a lawyer with under 18’s… both destined to parent!)

    News from here… Hannah has moved back home and this mother couldn’t be happier. We’ve two weeks of cleaning out her room so she can move her college stuff in. A lot of throwing out and donating going on. Grad school starts in two weeks. This weekend the weather was terrible (did you hear it snowed in NY/VT/NH??!!) but yesterday it finally cleared so I planted and mulched like a lunatic. 90 muggy degrees in three days… only in New England.

    I sat on the front porch yesterday and of course, thought of you both. I do miss you and keep seeing your doppelgängers in the neighborhood, which is a bit unsettling. Can’t wait to hear about mongolia and the yurt!

    Bon Voyage!

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