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  1. I enjoy reading your perspectives on travel Jim. Nice to see your view on Chicago. I totally agree with your comments on the 7 cents bag! For the Art Institute, its such a shame. Sorry Chicago let you down. If you joined as a museum member that day, you would have entered a fast line, not any wait time at all, per my experience. is $105 for one member for a year, but both of you would have gotten in as it includes a guest. That pass also allows you to go to pretty much all major museums in all cities in the U.S. So I think is not a bad deal. Plus you support Art. In the meantime, The Art Institute got to work on marketing:) A walk from uptown (where Lincoln park begins) is really brave, I planned on biking it but even that, I could not do it in this cold weather.

    • Thanks Sharon for the insights on museum membership. Not sure it would make sense for us given how little time we spend in the States but it’s definitely something to keep in mind!

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