3 comments on “Gyeongju & Back to Seoul

  1. Hi guys! Just catching up on your blog today and have to tell you again how much I love it. The writing, the history, the pictures, the humor! All terrific. Love to you both, and please tell Mark’s knee to get with the program and stop holding him back.

    • Thanks Jeanne, I love the kind words. As for Mark’s knee, though, no good news. Basically he’s in the same pain he was before the surgery. Every step hurts and stairs are particularly difficult. He’s been in touch with the doctor, who thinks he probably re-tore it in the early days after surgery, before it had fully healed. So after our two-week trip to Bhutan (long booked and already paid for) we’re flying back to Hong Kong for another MRI and probably another trip under the knife. Sucks that it’s been going on so long, but now the goal is to be fully healed before Paris…

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