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  1. Hi Jim & Mark!!

    I inquired about you with Dave Lewis and this is what I discovered. Your mahvelous blog, photos and nomadic life!! Love that you are able to to do this!

    Been thinking of you both…working on a Democratic Mayoral Campaign in Dallas (Marcos Ronquillo) and have told them about NGPVan (congrats on that merger). They are completely interested. Through this work, I have become friendly with Aaron Cohen, Battleground Solutions, out of Denver. You may not know him, but he’s completely familiar with both of you. What Superstars you two are!

    Well happy trails my friends…I will keep up with you and your travels through this blog. Miss you both!

    Ranae Ladieu

    • Ranae –

      How great to hear from you! Yes, we’ve been on the road now for nearly two years now, 23 months today, in fact, and we’re genuinely loving it. And given the huge areas we haven’t even touched yet – South America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa (except for Tunisia), Scandinavia, India, Central Asia, Japan, Korea, England, and Germany, just to name a few – we’re going to be doing this for a long time still.

      Are you living permanently down in Dallas now? Is the campaign your full-time gig? I have to admit: I loved my years in and around politics, but I’m OK leaving that to other people now. Best of luck! And keep us in mind if you plan any foreign travel: we love to meet up with old friends in exotic places.


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