14 comments on “It’s Ger-Reat!

  1. Love the Cowboy and Indian picture. (You should feel really proud of that caption, Jim.) Have you two gotten really big, or are the horses really small?

    • I was rather happy with the caption. And yes, the horses are small, which was a good thing since when we finished my shoe got caught in the stirrup and I ended up falling off. Now trying to cope with a sprained wrist while schlepping around this big bag!

  2. Very small subset of Americans who can talk about “galloping across the Mongolian plains.”

    Nice touch with the “Cowboy and Indian” label!

    • Mark officially objected to the title. And in fact when I was getting ready to post it I realized I was accidentally logged in as Mark, so I had to redo the post to make clear that that’s my humor (humor?), not his.

  3. I wish I had a video to watch of you galloping across the plains on that little horse! Captions: priceless.

    • Thanks Janet – we are really enjoying this part of the adventure, for now at least! I, too, would love to have that picture; it was exciting and exhilarating. I’m glad, though, that no one has a picture of me getting off the horse on the second day, catching my boot in the stirrups, falling off, and spraining my wrist – not nearly so much fun.

  4. Sounds like you had an exciting time. This is one place I know I will never get to. I was able to enjoy it through your stories. Take care of your wrist. Hope it heals quickly so Mark doesn’t have to do all the heavy work. Poor Mark! Ha ha.

  5. The idea of so much quiet and time to just read, and notice tiny flowers sound’s like Nirvana..

    • Not just nirvana – it’s ger-reat! Seriously, this has been just quite what we were hoping to find. And so far at least we’ve found it. I suspect Siberia will have lots of quiet time for us, too.

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