2 comments on “Mongolia

  1. Like the description of Mongolia – sounds like North Dakota on steroids. Not much to see, but at least it goes on for a long time.

    I think one of the reasons that you see a lot of Canadians in remote places and few (or no) USA citizens is because there are more social services provided by the Canadian government (think medicine mainly) that we need to pay for. Quite a drain on our financial state. Doesn’t leave a lot for traveling to remote areas unless you are pretty well off. When we do travel we want to get our money’s worth – not to mention that most of us need to be entertained at a level beyond what an empty landsape can provide. Give me Carnival, not the opportunity to think!

    We (meaning citizens of the US) also practice that charming ideology known as “American Exceptionalism” which means that we think we are better than the rest of the world. Remember, on 2000 we elected a man to be president who had never been to South America, Asia, Europe, or Australia! We love ourselves far too much to pay attention to something that doesn’t reflect ourselves.

    Have fun roaming, guys. Bring the rest of the world back to those of us here.

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