6 comments on “Nefta

  1. So how, exactly, did you get down into that canyon with the beautiful pool? It looks like it would have involved some major rock climbing. Also, I love, love, love the pictures of the Star Wars set!!

    • Laura – I thought the more interesting question was, once we got into the pool, why did we ever leave?!? Getting down there actually wasn’t hard at all; it was a pretty easy trail. But swimming there was *heaven*. And yeah, walking in Luke Skywalker’s tracks was pretty cool!

  2. OK, OK, so I have done some of the things that you guys have done recently. Or, at least I could equate your experiences with my own in some twisted way, albeit stretched over 40 years. But the swim in the pool, in the desert, that was part of a dream. Pure heaven.

  3. You may not believe this, but there are times in my home life when I am forced to multi-task. I’m pretty good at it, and I have been trying to unlearn that unfortunate skill. My wife, my son, and your webpage were all giving me input at the same time, I got my name wrong twice. Must be a sign that I’m focusing on the right priorities.

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