2 comments on “Playa del Carmen

  1. Hello from Oregon. You two are truly living the dream! I love reading about your adventures. Jim, I am continually jealous of all your great reading spots and appreciate that you document them! Would also love to hear about what you’re reading. It seems like you have many more appealing options to choose from, but if you’re ever in search of a rugged coastline I’d love to meet up in in the Pacific Northwest some time.

  2. Hey Rachel – Great to hear from you! Needless to say, we thought of you while in Playa. Funny you should ask about my books; just today I finished a two volume history of the Plantagenet rules of Britain leading into the Wars of the Roses. Great fun, but now I’m trying to decide what comes next.

    I have to admit that I do love Oregon, but I suspect it may be a while before we get there. Our plans are to stay in Mexico and Costa Rica through early February (with a Holiday visit to San Diego to see family) and then we’re off to Vietnam & China for … a while.

    Meanwhile I hope you’re doing well!

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