One comment on “Puerto Escondido, Part II

  1. Hello friends, sorry to be such a bad communicator, but was prompted to track down your blog and communicate this way (I don’t think I have current email addresses) after the most recent of the relentless Facebook email pokes reminded me that at some point Mark had asked to connect on Facebook (I am a lurker, never post, just set it up when my girls “got a Facebook” as they say, years ago… Of course Facebook is now only for old people, Nora (now 16) and Talia (14) are exclusively on Instagram and Snapchat).

    We are all well, both happy about (because of last year’s horrific drought) and sick of ( because it has been relentlessly raining for weeks) winter, therefore envious of window into your warm tropical escapades. The girls are midway between their junior and freshman years of high school, respectively, Paul still freelancing but thinking about getting a day job, I’m still happy working in the Governor ‘s office (my second governor) which I both love and am feeling increasingly burnt out doing, so thinking by this time next year, after (Oregon’s) Governor Brown is elected in her own right, I hope to transition to a Portland based job that doesn’t have me gone 12 hours a day, where my scope of responsibilities is reasonable enough that I can actually do a good job.

    We just had a mini Siri inch reunion of sorts in Berkeley. Chris and Joey and the girls were on home leave from Geneva, Paul and the girls and I drove down from Oregon, Michael and Christie drove over from Reno, and we all converged at Amy Gordon’s house. It was wonderful to be together for the day.

    Love and best wishes on your travels, and look us up if you circle through the Pacific Northwest…

    Ps: The email address I included below is the one I use for Internet stuff. You should have one with my first name dot last name that is the one I use for friends and family, in case you want to reply that way… But the oregongg one below works as well

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