4 comments on “Sighisoara

  1. Is Mark ok? Because in that picture where he’s eating his Greek-ish salad, the woman behind him looks like she might be a vampire, and she looks like she might be hungry, for Mark.

    • I think Mark is OK. I’ll have to get him in front of a mirror to make sure I can still see his image but for now let’s assume all is OK.

      Oh, and Happy Birthday!!

  2. Thank you for the lovely blogs. Also, thanks for taking a picture of Jimmy. We were acquainted with Jimmy 5 years ago. Your blogs are very helpful for us travelers who get out occasionally. Peace,


    • Thanks Heather – hope to see you soon somewhere. Any chance you’ll be biking in Germany with Zephyr next year? I’m pretty sure we’re doing the Mosel River thing…

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