10 comments on “UB – Some Observations

  1. Already jealous of your adventures and looking forward to hearing more. Have fun in the hinterlands!

  2. Loved this post. Especially loved the look on Marks face with said Martini’s in the foreground. I think you just have to laugh and have 4 of them for a Gargoyles equivalent.

  3. There is simply no excuse for abusing alcohol that way.

    I trust that you drank them anyway?

      • Drew – Funny you should ask about the swastika; I wondered if anyone would notice. You may know that the swastika has a long, long history pre-dating Naziism. In this case I don’t think it’s anything more or less than a standard Buddhist symbol, though it could be part of the artwork of Soviets and Mongols together defeating the Nazis. It is certainly jarring, though.

        And by the way, the minute we met Shawn I thought he looked like Luke. Oddly, Mark didn’t see it…

        • Actually, it’s a monument to Soviet/Mongolian cooperation in World War II. And the swastika is part of a Nazi banner being trampled on by the glorious Soviet and Mongolian soldier-heroes. No love lost for the Germans in these parts.

          • The next development team we start here is going to be named “The Glorious Soviet and Mongolian Soldier-Heroes”.

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