7 comments on “Lake Baikal

  1. We’re just getting ready to go out to dinner – and your comment just made my day. Thanks! 🙂

  2. I knew you couldn’t escape Russia without a story like this. Just seems like destiny that you’d end up wandering a seaside goat path (thank you for not getting lost) to the dinner (smart move to pass on swimming) and finally the yowling cat (so sweet you knew just what to do.)

    Oh and hey, Aidan had his DNA analyzed through National Geographic Genographic project and it turns out my line spent a fair amount of time in Russia somewhere between Africa and Europe. I knew there was some reason a vodka tonic was my favorite drink.

  3. Hey guys,

    How bad were the mosquitoes? I was there in August 2010 and they were terrible, but still absolutely gorgeous. The horseflies on the other hand….

    • Honestly, I never noticed a single mosquito. Might have been early in the season for them. I mean, it was June 8, and the lilacs were just beginning to bloom. No horseflies either. I did, however, find a wood tick lodged deep onto my leg, a gross concept I was previously unfamiliar with. But Jim knew what is was and dislodged the evil thing. Unpleasant!

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