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  1. Oh what a bummer about the stirrup-horse thing. Clearly your NGP Van horse-cousin-donkey-guardian angel wasn’t looking out for you. Hope it’s better soon. As for Mark’s tennis elbow… mine took one year. I tried the exercises they recommended on the web but what really works is completely resting it… hard to do with all that luggage.

    I’m really loving your travelog. Hannah’s bestie, who lived in Moscow for a semester abroad (Russian Studies at Barnard) is going to be a camp counselor for the summer in Tyumen and leaves on Sunday. I’m going to show her these pics when we see her Saturday. She’s a Cambridge gal but her heart’s in Russia.

    • I’m hoping Mark doesn’t read your “took a year to heal” comment – that wont make him happy! Meanwhile my wrist is healing; I can even hold my iPad with it already.

      How soon does Hannah’s friend get to Russia? I think we’re passing through Tyumen soon!

    • If you are inquiring technically about the cat’s breed, I can’t totally confirm that. If you are asking about her nationality, she is most definitely a Siberian cat.

  2. These photos are fantastic. And I’m sorry that you can’t walk 24 – but 12 miles walking on a sprained wrist is still pretty impressive. I didn’t even know that you could walk on your hands!

    Incidentally, living in view of Lake Superior, I’m curious how both lakes are the largest in the world. Does Superior have a larger area, but not the depth necessary? If you know the answer, I would like to know.

    • And then we didn’t even make the 12 … more on that soon. As for Superior v. Baikal, yes, Lake Superior has (substantially) more surface area, but Lake Baikal is (substantially) deeper, apparently over a mile deep in large parts. So it has a lot more water.

      Hope you’re doing well!

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